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Samantha writes for a variety of publications on mentoring, board directorships, and intergenerational issues. See her portfolio and get in touch!

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Mentee Ignition

You’ve probably heard it before: “get a mentor, it’ll be good for your career.” . Then reality sinks in and it just seems too bloody hard. Right?.
Now is the time to learn how to find a your ideal mentor, and learn the complexities to being a successful mentee.
Join a carefully curated program designed to support mentees to build mentoring partnerships and succeed in reaching their goals.

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Social Enterprise Presentations

Unsure what a social enterprise is? You're not alone. 
Samantha is here to discuss social enterprise models, run small workshops, and help your students (or small groups) understand what being a social entrepreneur actually means.

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Other Work

Samantha is a national and international presenter, experienced facilitator and MC. See where she's been, who she's worked with, and how we can work together.

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